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I am passionate about supporting children, youth, and families through counselling and assessment. I believe that, for all of us, nurturing strengths and building our skills related to resilience and self-understanding is so important; I have seen the value of counselling and assessment supports and services, in many cases bringing significant and positive change to people's lives. I also believe that counselling children, youth, and young adults, or providing guidance to parents, is best done by someone with a background and a focus in these areas. Children and young people do well when they can, and by working together we can find hope and help them on their journey to reach their full potential. 


I am grateful for a variety of experiences that help me in my work as a psychologist and counsellor. I have taught high school, junior high, and elementary aged students. I have had the privilege of working as a school counsellor, a psychologist in private practice, a sessional instructor at the University of Alberta, a coach for sports teams, a consultant, and I am currently the Director of Specialized Supports for Elk Island Public Schools.  I am married and a parent to four children, ranging in ages from 15 through 21. Our dog Bowie, a golden doodle, is also an important member of our family. I love to read and write, enjoy a variety of sports, running, and fitness in general. I am passionate about well-being, and find tremendous joy in helping others to reach their own personal goals. 
If you are interested in counselling for your child or youth, or even for yourself as a young adult or parent, I am happy to help. If your child is struggling with learning, attention, or behaviour, and are looking for someone to complete an assessment, please don't hesitate to reach out for a free consultation at (780) 901-2312. 

Marcus Reed

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