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Additionally, I offer behavioral consultation to individuals and families who already have an ADHD diagnosis. This service is for those who would like to learn more about ADHD, how it influences you or your child’s life, and how to work with ADHD and not against it. We will explore in depth what strategies are currently working well, what changes are needed, and how we can realistically work to make positive changes happen. Ideally, we will have around six hour-long sessions spaced out over several weeks. I will provide accountability, insight, and a listening ear all along the way. 


As an adult living with ADHD who went undiagnosed for years, I understand the challenges that make even the simplest tasks feel like a challenge. If you or your child is struggling, you are not alone! I would love to help you or your child learn more about your beautiful brains. Contact our office at 780-439-5683 or reach me directly at if you are interested in working together.

Caroline Wisneski

I am passionate about helping others discover how their or their child's unique brain learns best. I offer psychoeducational assessments, which identify areas of strength and areas where support is required. I primarily work with the families of children and adolescents who are struggling in school, whether in their learning, attention, behaviour, or a combination. I especially appreciate working directly with families throughout the assessment and offering strategies to best support their child's needs. I also enjoy working with adults who feel that they slipped through the cracks in school, and would like to know more about their unique learning challenges. Each client I assess will receive a detailed report highlighting findings and providing a wide range of professional recommendations tailored to match you or your child’s needs. 

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