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Finn is a very special pomeranian who has been supporting clients in their healing process since he was just 10 weeks old. Finn is a caring, calm, and wise little fella who enjoys greeting clients with his enthusiastic prance, sitting quietly with clients in their healing work, and providing a smile whenever it is needed. Finn has experienced and worked through his own trauma when he was just a young lad and holds a deep understanding and appreciation for the work his clients do. Finn is adored by many and loves to give back all the love he receives through his work. His kind and gentle spirit is calming and supportive and his many outfits bring out laughter and joy from those he meets! In his spare time, Finn enjoys cuddles, running through long wet grass, treats, daily meditation, and long car rides with his human, Brittany.

Brittany is a Registered Psychologist (#7102) who works in private practice as well as with Family Supports for Children with Disabilities (FSCD). She enjoys working with children, adolescents, adults, and families. Brittany believes that when people feel safe, connected, and grounded to the here and now, space then emerges to make choices that serve and support wellbeing. When working with clients, Brittany utilizes a bottoms-up and mindfulness-based framework. This supports individuals in making sense of their body and nervous system's attempts to protect them from harm, empowering clients to access insight and compassion around their coping. Brittany believes that healing space opens up from this deepened understanding that then supports clients in safely connecting to their internal and external resources. Brittany considers the therapeutic alliance to be an important part of this work in order to support clients in feeling safe, empowered, and anchored as they move through healing and towards well-being. Brittany's dog, Finn (see bio), also enjoys supporting clients through his caring and calming presence, if clients find this helpful.


Brittany has experience working with clients who have experienced trauma, grief, anxiety, sports related stress, mood and regulation challenges, neurodiversity (e.g. Executive Functioning Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders), attachment related challenges, and relationship issues. 


Brittany works with the following frameworks as part of her therapeutic process:

- Mindfulness and Body Centered Approaches

- Narrative Therapy

- Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy

- Trauma-Informed 


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