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Our Staff




Raven is our afternoon and Saturday admin assistant and in house 'fix it girl' - no job too big or paperwork too complicated. An avid rock climber known to bake a cookie or two, she likes a challenge and is eager to learn new things. 



Alex is the morning admin assistant, office jack-of-all-trades, and resident artist (much of the office art was done by her, including everything in our group therapy space.) She is occasionally joined at the office by her two dogs Wednesday and Ripley.



Ripley is a tiny black bundle of pure love and joy.  She is always ready for a good cuddle (as long as you don't mind a few puppy kisses at the same time.)



Wednesday is a strong, independent lady who loves checking all the offices for crumbs.  She is very skilled at getting people to give her treats.

Our Story

You may be wondering why a clinic on the south side of Edmonton is called North Land Counselling Group. Formally known as the Centre for Child and Adolescent Development, an agency that opened its doors in 1983, we outgrew our name. With a focus on more than children and adolescents and offices in both Peace River and Slave Lake, we wanted a name that reflected our broader range of work as well as our presence in Northern Alberta.


Over the years, the practice has undergone many changes, including a move to our current office in the Ritchie community where our team of independent practitioners provide counselling and assessment services to people of all ages. Some of us have worked together for more than 30 years, while others joined our practice most recently. Here at North Land, we value both the collegial relationship and friendship of our therapists and admin staff.

outside photo of our unit.jpg

Our building before we moved in.

Our building after our renovations!

Our Story
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