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Psycho-Educational Assessment

The goal of a Psycho-Educational Assessment is to understand the learner’s unique cognitive style, their academic strengths and areas of need, as well as the personality and environmental factors that may be affecting achievement. The outcome of every assessment should be a greater understanding of the learner as well as the supports available in the home, school, and community that might be necessary to promote enhanced achievement. Most Psycho-Educational Assessments include the administration of a cognitive assessment, a battery of achievement tests (e.g., reading, writing, and math), and other questionnaires and inventories that provide insight into behavioral and emotional functioning.

Dyslexia Assessment

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that results in significant challenges with word reading and spelling. Although many individuals undergo a Psycho-Educational Assessment when they experience reading challenges, some will only require a thorough literacy evaluation. This type of assessment will establish how well the individual connects the sounds of language with its symbolic form (letters), how accurate and fluent their word reading skills are, if their comprehension is impacted by poor word reading, and how well they are able to spell and communicate their ideas in writing.

Behavioral/Emotional Assessment 

A Behavioral/Emotional Assessment are conducted to gain information about an individual’s personality, emotional status, self-perception, conflicts, and executive functioning. A Behavioral/Emotional Assessment, which is often included as part of a Psycho-Educational Assessment, can help establish the kinds of intervention, therapeutic approaches, and supports necessary. 

Career Counselling and Assessment

Career counselling and assessment is  a process whereby clients explore their interests, preferred work style, and underlying beliefs (via interviews and completion of questionnaires and inventories) so they can establish a rewarding career path. 

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